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Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark

It’s that time of year when giving statements and tax forms are distributed. I hope you are getting an early start and finding the documents that you need. What better time to share some insight with you on how your gifts to WUMC are recorded and managed.

  • Sunday offering is collected by our worship hosts and placed into a safe.
  • Two counters sort, log and complete a journal, then deposit funds into the bank.
  • Gary Grannemann, our finance secretary enters individual offerings into our database from the counters report. Each person designates how their offering is to be used. i.e. ongoing ministry, building fund or a particular mission fund.
  • Judy Hill emails or mails giving statements to individuals each quarter and the end of year report. Only Gary has access to your giving record and is able to make corrections.
  • Carol Kuchik, our finance chair collates information from our bookkeepers journal entries for reporting Profit and Loss report along with a Balance Sheet. The finance team oversees the expenses and monthly funds report generated by Gary Grannemann.

As you can see, many people are needed to fulfill the necessary roles of the Church finances and no one person has control or access to the entire process. It is for your safety and proper accounting of monies offered for the many ministries of WUMC.

We have begun a new sermon series, “Jesus Revealed” and this week our scripture is John 6:25-35 which speaks to Jesus as “The Bread of Life.” I hope you will take a moment and read the passage then consider what Christ means to you when receiving Holy Communion,

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, Pastor Mark


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