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Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,

What a glorious day it is! Summertime is upon us with heat and humidity. There’s nothing like a St. Louis summer day to enjoy the joy of a cookout, sitting under a shade tree while sipping lemonade but I’ll be inside with the AC on and ice water most likely.  LOL

This week we will observe Holy Communion following our message “Bear One Another’s Burdens” after reading Galatians 6:1-10. The Apostle Paul continues his thoughts about right living and loving our neighbor as ourselves. It’s not easy in a world divided by violence, political campaigns and disturbing social issues. Let’s put our heads together with new ideas of caring for one another with the love of Christ. 

This coming Monday is the 4th of July. Our parking lot will be open so that those who enjoy fireworks can see and enjoy the display. We’ll have cold bottled water and frozen ice treats to help cool those waiting. It should be a great firework display. 

See you all on Sunday, Pastor Mark


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