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Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 

The month of April is almost over and I hate to see it go because it is one of the best months of the year.  Spring arrives with gentle rains, budding trees, and blooming flowers. Our allergies go haywire but that is part of the season and how lovely it has been. 

I hope you enjoyed the CMU Praise band and worship leadership by Rev. Kayla Kelly last Sunday. Rev. Kelly is a fine minister of the gospel and will do well in her next appointment, at St. John’s UMC in Linn, MO. I watched it online and was happy to see and hear their music and message. 

This week we will dive into the gospel of John 21:1-14. Jesus reveals himself to the disciples while they are fishing. Some of us love surprises and certainly, this must have been a doozy, but waiting for them on shore was roasting fish and freshly baked bread. I’d swim to shore for that too. Take a look beforehand and imagine the scene. Smell the aroma of bread and fish, a wood fire, and early morning air. We’ll talk more on Sunday. 

Saturday evening at 7 p.m. we have the Choral Arts Society singing in our sanctuary. It’ll be a fine performance and the price is right, FREE!! Come and hear great music and fellowship afterward. 

God bless us every one, Pastor Mark


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