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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

 Dear Friends, 

This week we come to the end of Easter by celebrating the Ascension of Christ. It is an important day because Jesus who is God incarnate has promised to send the comforter, the Holy Spirit who will remind us all that Christ has said to his followers. We may not realize it, but what the disciples received has been given to us. Our role is to continue the work of Christ by sharing the “Good News” that Christ has died, risen, and will come again. It is the Mystery of Faith but for those who have not experienced God’s love and grace, we must pass it on.

Many of us have quarantined in our homes, staying safe from the coronavirus. Now as activities are beginning to open up, we have gotten past the worst of the community spread but caution is necessary. Please be safe. Wear your face covering, wash your hands, and keep the social distance a part of your routine. You know all of this but as a community of faith, we will practice these measures as we move toward public worship in the weeks ahead. A letter will be coming spelling out the process and how we will begin. Pray for our leaders and those offering worship that we will remain healthy and diligent in our efforts. We want to offer our very best. 

I look forward to seeing you via the internet as we worship our risen Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Mark


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