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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,

I must admit that I am ready for things to get better but the professionals tell us it may get worse before it gets better, that is the way it goes. We have had threats of pandemics and horrible flu outbreaks over the years but this is serious. Do not give up, slack, or become weary. “Wash your hands, cover your sneeze, be safe”

Last Sunday was great! Over 600 views on Facebook and Youtube. Wow!! This Sunday we return with live worship at 9 and 1030 a.m. on Facebook Live. If you use Youtube or go to our link at the website: it will be uploaded by 1030 a.m.. We will offer drive by Holy Communion from 10 a.m. to noon. Thank you Nik Bradly and Chuck Howington for serving the communion elements. They will pray with you and offer a cuplet and wafer on a small plate. It’s safe and hygienic.

We do not know if the restrictions will be lifted before Palm Sunday or Easter so the staff is considering our options. Every Sunday is a mini Easter because we celebrate our risen Savior, Jesus Christ. When the ban is lifted, we will celebrate Easter and the joy that comes from enduring hardship. Be patient and pray. Our scripture this Sunday is Philippians 2:1-5. We have special music lined up with Jeff Davis and Traci Morlock. Gwen Pope is at the piano, Mary Kate Barnes has a cold so keep her in your prayers. The sermon series “Silent Compassion” is coming to a close with the theme, “The Path to Non-Dual Thinking”. I hope you have found this series thought provoking and inspirational. It has stretched me in several directions for the good of my spiritual journey.

Pastor Mark


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