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WE-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends: 

Super Bowl Sunday is headed our way with a forecast of bright sunshine and a high temperature of 63 degrees. What a difference a week can make!

We are continuing the sermon series, “Half Truths.” This Sunday we will consider if the statement, “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” is true or not. Our Scripture is taken from Psalms 10:14b, 17-18a. Take a look and we’ll talk more on Sunday.

No Youth on Sunday Youth Bells and Youth Group will not meet this Sunday, 2/2 so everyone can enjoy the Super Bowl Game.

Hearing Assistance Aids Having trouble hearing in the worship service?  A listening system is available for use in the Sanctuary (unfortunately, it is not available in the Christian Life Center).  We have headphones and a receiver for anyone with or without hearing aids, or you can bring your own earbuds/headset to use with the receiver.  We also have a neck loop and receiver for those who have the T-coil (telecoil) activated in their hearing aids or cochlear implant.  All equipment is in cabinet at the back of Sanctuary.  See the worship hosts or Nancy Bradley for assistance.

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Mark  


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