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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:

We are a day early for good reason; Donna Norman will have surgery on Thursday. Let us be in prayer for Donna and Phil along with the surgical team for clarity and discernment, safe travel and healing. We trust medical science and all the good that is provided. We ask for God’s blessing for a dear friend and child of God who is very much loved. It is cold, wet and almost Halloween. I am sorry for the children who like to trick or treat but Mother Nature has tricked us this year.

This coming Sunday is All Saints Day when we remember our loved ones who have passed from this life to glory and a new reality of God’s presence. Let us pray for those grieving and support them with our love and compassion. Remember to turn back your clocks Saturday evening as day light savings ends. We’ll be at church early in the a.m. with the coffee on if you forget!  Our sermon this week is called “I Remember” with the Scripture reference from Luke 6:20-31. The Sermon on the Plain is comparable to Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount, but slightly different. We’ll discuss the words of Christ and remember those who taught and made a difference in our lives for Christ.

God bless you,

Pastor Mark  


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