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We- Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:

We are almost there, but Mother Nature is offering Summer instead of Fall. I guess we should be happy for what we have then grin and bear the rest.

Our Finance Committee has worked hard and investigated numerous online and cell phone apps for easier giving. They are excited to offer If you pay most of your bills with your credit or debit card, or other transactions such as groceries and gasoline, then this is an option for your offerings and tithes for Wentzville United Methodist Church. Simply type in into your cell phone and follow the prompts. It will guide you to our church’s online giving portal and ask for your debit or credit card information. It is as safe and secure as any other transaction you use for your electronic banking. Or you can go to our website, and look for the “Our Church” tab, scroll down to “giving” and click on Simple, easy and secure. I hope this makes life easier for your contributions to our church and the ministries of WUMC.

We are continuing our sermon series, “New Places for New People”. This Sunday we we are looking at Luke 5:17-26 and thinking about “Making Room.” Life can get crowded like our storage room or hall closet, so how best can we follow the example of Jesus and make room for those beyond our walls who want and need God’s love?

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Mark


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