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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:

I hope your travel plans are going well and holiday events will be fun but safe. It’s another hot, humid holiday with parades, cookouts and fireworks.

This coming Sunday we will prepare for Ignite Mobile Camp in the afternoon and will have the pleasure of seeing and hearing from some of the conference staff about camp. We have 62 campers signed up and hope for a few more. There’s always room at the table when it comes to church events.

Our scripture for Sunday is Acts 9:1-20. It’s the story of Saul and Ananias. It seemed good to begin our new sermon series, “Unraveled” with these two characters whose lives totally changed for the good because they encountered the presence of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Maybe your life feels a little unraveled, or you need a poke or prod to move forward. Come to hear good news and to feel God’s presence.

See you on Sunday!    
Pastor Mark  


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