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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:  

I hope you have been safe and able to endure the cold weather Mother Nature sent our way. It makes me appreciate our normal weather conditions even more.   This week we are looking at the example of Ananias in Acts 9:10-20. Ananias had an important role in Saul’s conversion. God’s plans superseded Ananias’ fears and trepidations. Let’s think on this: How is God speaking into our lives? Who is God leading us to speak to and be in ministry with? Where is God sending us so that someone may hear the Gospel and receive healing?”   I know this is a challenging topic, but at some point in our lives we will be a leader. Our willingness to obey the prompting of God’s Spirit may change the life of one who will impact many.

Church Pictorial Directory Our new pictorial directories have been distributed over the past 2 Sundays. Everyone in the congregation gets one, even if you did not have your photo included. If you have not picked one up, see Donna Norman in the Connections Center on Sunday. If you are visiting one of our homebound members, why not pick up their copy as well? Thanks very much! 

See you on Sunday, 
Pastor Mark


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