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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:

I am getting more and more excited for Hillfest on Saturday, September 8th. Music, games, food trucks and car show. It’ll be a great day from 3 – 7 pm.
Sunday worship will be special as the Adult Choir and Redeemed sing their music with several combined numbers. We have a Baptism and new members joining. It all leads to a great church picnic. Worship begins at 10 am on September 9th under the big tent from HillFest. I hope you’re planning on being there!

“The Way Forward” is a General Conference event taking place in February 2019. Three proposals have been submitted by a special commission from General Conference in 2016. A town hall meeting with Bishop Bob Farr will take place at WUMC on Monday, October 8th at 7 pm. Everyone is invited. In preparation for this event, we have a printed packet with a summary and the three proposals. A You Tube video site is provided so that you may watch a message by Rev. Matt Miofsky that informs us of this topic in the United Methodist faith. We will have discussion groups to help us discern and to pray our way forward. Packets are in the church office.

Our Scripture for Sunday’s sermon is Acts 20:7-12. Eutychus was a young man who experienced a miracle. I’ll let you read about it and hopefully we can discuss more than an ancient event, but where the Holy Spirit is present for us today and how we respond to the Spirit’s prompting in regards to those around us.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Mark


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