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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:  

We are almost there; Christmas is just a few days away. The Sanctuary Choir and Redeemed Praise Band have worked hard for this coming Sunday. I hope you will come and enjoy one or both services. They are just that good. I also want to thank our Adult and Youth Bell Choirs. Your performances last weekend were spectacular!  

Our prayers go out to those traveling this weekend to be with family on Christmas. May your journey be safe and your time together filled with love and Christmas joy. Also, let us pause a moment to remember those who feel the loss of loved ones. May God comfort and hold you close in your grief and sadness. We lift you up in prayer and ask God’s blessings to surround you. One day we will see our loved ones face to face and know God’s love has kept us all in His care.

Finally I ask each of us to click on a video from the Conference Office. Our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico are still recovering from Hurricane Maria. Let’s set aside a generous offering for Christmas Eve to support their recovery effort. We have so much to be thankful for, so in our prosperity let’s dig deep and send a blessing to our friends in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Click on the link to see and hear more:

God bless you and we’ll see you on Sunday and Christmas Eve!
Pastor Mark


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