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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:  

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. I hope your celebration includes a prayer of thanks for God’s many blessings. We live in a great nation with many possibilities and freedoms. Offer a prayer for our leaders and their subordinates so that God may guide their decision making that impacts all the people. Being a city on a hill guides many to our borders in hope of a better life that we already enjoy. I am glad for our prosperity and willingness to share it among those less fortunate in our community. Let us offer a prayer for those who need help in making ends meet and for those who suffer from poor health. God in your mercy, hear our prayer.
This coming Sunday is United Methodist Student day. We will include several college students in the worship service who are returning home for the holiday. May God be with them in their travels, and give them grace to complete this semester with their best effort in learning and becoming more independent.
Adopt-A-Family Magi Gift Store
It’s not too late to visit the “gift tag tree” in the church lobby. There are tags for children’s gifts and tags for a family household item. Purchase a gift/item, attach the tag to your unwrapped gift, and return to the church by Sunday, 12/2.
Finally, be glad for your family and friends. Offer them a warm greeting and an embrace of gratitude. Life is precious and time passes quickly. Be thankful for the love you share.
God bless us every one,  

Pastor Mark


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