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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:  

This week we have had several who passed from this life to the next: Richard Krumrey Jr., son of Rick and Cathy Krumrey, and Virginia Kroeger, mother and mother-in-law of Cynthia and Larry Kirkpatrick. We mourn their loss and grieve for the feelings of absence and separation. In such times we turn to our faith and seek God’s presence and grace. Please lift up the Krumrey and Kirkpatrick families in prayer.
This coming Sunday will offer a different speaker. Rev. Chris Dumas will be speaking from Ruth 1:1-18. The focus of her message is, “How do you respond to hard times?” The book of Ruth tells the story of how one woman dealt with her grief and how a daughter-in-law showed her hope. I look forward to hearing more.
Wednesday, November 14th is our monthly church dinner. The Youth will host and prepare a Pancake Supper for you. Proceeds will help fund next year’s Youth Mission Trip. Flap jacks will be hot and ready at 5:30 p.m.
See you Sunday,  

Pastor Mark


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