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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 
It’s February and winter is upon us, so bundle up and stay warm as best you can. There will be good days with sunshine along with dreary days with cold rain like today. I’ll be glad for spring and warm sunshine. Those of you who like to work in the garden and grow vegetables, we will operate the Community Garden in Memorial Park. Eight raised beds that grow just about anything you can imagine. I’d love to share the planning and planting with you. We will need folks to water and weed as well. It’s great fun to get your hands dirty and work in the sun and fresh air. 
We will have one service this week at 9 a.m.. As you are able, consider coming to church for worship in person. Sunday, February 14th will offer two services, 9 and 10:30 a.m.. We are in the CLC, seating is six feet apart and masks are required. Hopefully you have registered for the vaccine at It is very easy and takes just a moment to register. Stay safe and take precaution when going out. 
I am looking forward to this coming Sunday. The scripture is from Mark 7:24-30. Jesus had a debate with a Syrophoenician woman and she won! All she wanted Jesus to do was deliver her daughter of demonic influence. Take a look and think about that conversation. Why would Jesus debate a Gentile woman and why not heal the woman’s daughter? We’ll talk more about this passage and consider how it impacts our world today. 
See you on Sunday in person or on the internet. God bless us every one!

Pastor Mark


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