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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 
The positivity rate is slowly falling and vaccinations are coming. I hope you have registered at the St. Charles County Health Department website is helpful information and it only takes a moment to register. Everyone can and its not only for those who are older or have pre-existing health conditions. I look forward to the day we all can gather safely for worship. 
We have planned a great worship service for you. The internet has been kind and our live service on Facebook has worked well. There will be snags but waiting a few moments or connecting to our website: will take you to all of our recorded services with the latest video at 10:30 on Sunday.
This Sunday we will talk about IN-Support and speak from Ruth 1:6-18. We all have gifts and graces that God has given to us. Knowing how to plug them into church life or our community may seem intimidating or a challenge but now is as good a time as any.  You are needed. There are opportunities to serve in multiply areas, so step up, step out and connect. It’ll seem different or wonky at first but we grow into our new way in life. 
God bless us everyone, Pastor Mark


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