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We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,

We have endured so much in 2020. My prayer for all of us is that 2021 will have a promise of better health and a strong sense of community. This year has started off rather odd with demonstrations and violence in Washington during the count of Electoral votes in a joint session of Congress. May God’s peace surround our senators and representatives in the coming days as the transfer of power shifts from one administration to another. Our outlook is muddled as we decipher what is going on and when it will be safe to venture out of our homes into the community. God be with us and protect us.

I look forward in the coming weeks to once again offer in person worship but the last seven day positivity rate remains at 25%. Until that number drops to below 20% we will offer one service at 9 a.m.. Our services are live on Facebook at 9 a.m. and recorded on our web page  after 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. I hope you are able to view the worship service. Please offer a comment that you are watching. It is the only way we can acknowledge your attendance. The door is open for those who would like to attend in person, six feet socially distanced with our mask on. Please be safe.

Next week, we plan on sending year end statements for your tax return documentation. It will have two pages as we changed our data base program effective August 1st.   Our Finance Secretary, Gary Grannemann will be happy to assist you if there are questions about your 2020 offering.

This week we will remember our baptism. It is a tradition following Epiphany to do so. Many of us do not remember our baptism so we rely on memories of loved ones or pictures our parents took. In our scripture lesson, Jesus came to John who was baptizing in the Jordan River. There is a theological and practical component to that meeting. I’ll share it with you on Sunday. Please read ahead, Mark 1:4-11. If you like, have a bottle of water and a bowl to participate at home. It is important to feel and see the water while hearing the words of consecration. That moment of sensing the water is vital as we listen for God’s word to declare, “You are my beloved and I am well pleased.”

See you on Sunday, Pastor Mark


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