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Traci Morlock

Traci Morlock

Traci Morlock

Director of Worship

Traci Morlock has been the Director of Contemporary Worship at the United Methodist Church at Wentzville since June 2005. Under the influence of her grandmother and her parents, Traci has grown up in the UMC at Wentzville. Traci began singing as a child and throughout the years has had the opportunity to study with a number of talented vocal teachers and vocal coaches. In 2005, Traci decided to combine her love for the Lord, her love for the people of UMC at Wentzville, and her music training and talent and auditioned for the then newly created position of Director of Contemporary Worship. The rest is history. The “job” has proven to be more of a blessing than a “job” and has enabled Traci to serve her Lord and Savior each Sunday and also allowed her to continue to be a stay-at-home wife to husband, Paul, & stay-at-home mom to her three beautifully and wonderfully made daughters, Chelsea, Sean, & Trinity.

What was the first car you ever had? I bought a Blue with Gray primer spots 1972 Plymouth Duster for $500! (My sister totaled it 2 months later.)

Talent you wish you had…but you don’t…not even close? I wish I was a dancer.

Have you ever won a trophy? I won two when I was 8. They were bowling trophies-one for most improved and highest handicap.

Best concert you ever attended? Hillsong London – totally rocked!


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