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Donna Norman, Administrator (OLD)

Donna Norman


Donna has spent more than 40 years in the workforce as an administrative professional. She has a passionate heart for the people and service of The United Methodist Church at Wentzville, and since July of 2006, has continually sought to “grow her position” as office administrator and assistant to the Pastor. Donna and her husband Phil have two sons, one daughter, two daughters-in-love, one son-in-love and four grandchildren. When they are not running through the halls of Wentzville United Methodist, they enjoy classical music, watching old movies, and walking through the woods of Missouri State Parks.

What is your best childhood memory? My grandparents lived in Fredericktown, Missouri, a small town of 3,000+ in southern Missouri. This was “Americana at its best” and we visited several weeks every summer and most holidays until I was in junior high school. We could swim at the park for 25 cents; walk to the Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars, and go to the drive in movies—because in the 1950s &1960s you could do those things!

What was the first car you had? A 1967 aqua-blue Ford Mustang. I was only 20 years old so my dad had to co-sign for me, but the thrill of owning a car of my own for the very first time has never been equaled!

Best concert you’ve ever attended? Hands-down, Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, “The Resurrection,” at Powell Symphony Hall during Easter Weekend of 1976. I was privileged to be on stage as a member of the chorus, and it was the most powerful experience in 35 years of choral singing.

If you could go on vacation to anywhere, where would it be? A cross-country road trip with my husband. We’ve seen some wonderful places, both abroad and in the United States, but the chance to travel without a clock, or a return-to-work deadline, or if money was no object—that would find us in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the New England shoreline, the Grand Canyon, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Oregon and Alaska!


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