Wentzville United Methodist Church

Dave Conley Bio (OLD)

Dave Conley

Lead Pastor


Dave has been lead pastor of the United Methodist Church at Wentzville since July, 2003. His mission is to ‘live a Deeply Simple Life formed by Jesus’ Great Commandment and by the wisdom of nature, and to invite others to do the same.’ Dave does that in our church through teaching and leading in a variety of settings from Sunday morning worship casual conversations. He is convinced that his previous careers—disc jockey and sports announcer, high school teacher and basketball coach—along with a healthy sense of humor help him do this. Dave and his wife, Lisa, have two children: Sarah, who recently graduated from Missouri State University, and Adam, who is a freshman at the University of Central Missouri. In addition to spending time with his family, Dave enjoys being outside, reading, and working on his family story through genealogy.

What was the first car you ever had? A 1966 Ford Mustang, which I got my sophomore year in college and kept until after I started teaching. What a car!

What was your scariest moment ever? When I was 11 years old, I was mowing the yard, got too close to a junk pile, and ran over a wire with the mower. The mower cut off a piece of the wire, which struck my left leg, severing an artery in the process. My dad was in the back yard and put his World War II first aid training to good use, catching me up in his arms and applying pressure on either side of the puncture until the bleeding stopped. Later that evening, in outpatient surgery, the piece of wire was removed. My dad saved my life.

If you could go on vacation to anywhere, where would it be? Floating the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, which is the most spectacularly beautiful place I have ever been.

What is your favorite ice cream? Neapolitan: which includes strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla in one carton.