live. love. grow.

Our Church

Our Mission

Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision

Live for God, Love our Neighbor and Grow in Christ.

When you walk through the doors of a church, you should feel at home and in a place where it is easy to connect with others, even if it is for the first or thousandth time.  It is our intent to create a place where you can walk in and feels immediately like a home away from home.  Acceptance is steadfast, and we are a place where the people you encounter are more like family or a best friend.

At Wentzville United Methodist Church we find avenues to reach, teach and fill your heart with the Word of God through our messages.  We believe in sharing our beliefs with you and filling your soul with the comfort that is there when you  accept Christ into your hearts.  We encourage you to find your own pace as you begin your spiritual walk to a life filled with unconditional love and forgiveness from an unwavering God….this is who we are at Wentzville United Methodist Church

As we continue to grow in our faith, beliefs, love and spirituality, we invite you to join us on our journey because God loves you and He knows who we are at Wentzville United Methodist Church.

Our Story

It first started west of the Mississippi.

The Methodist tradition in Missouri can be traced to five brothers, pioneers—Jacob, Christopher, Adam, John and Andrew Zumwalt—who built a log cabin south of O’Fallon in 1798. The settlement is the first known Methodist meeting place west of the Mississippi River. A few years later, Adam Zumwalt settled in the Flint Hill area, which became another Methodist preaching stop. By 1806 the Missouri Circuit was established. It was bounded on the east by the Mississippi River and on the west by the setting sun. John Travis was the first preacher to the circuit. For the first half of the century extended camp meetings and revivals were the preferred flavor of worship, but as the population west of the Mississippi grew church buildings were erected.

Church Built

The Wentzville Methodist Church was built in 1866-67, following the construction of the Wabash Railroad. It was a multi-purpose building, with a school in the basement and a Masonic Lodge in the attic.

The Fire

A fire destroyed the church in 1883, but Mary D. Linn donated land for a new building. The construction was complete in 1886. The building served the community well, but by the end of WWII was nearly collapsed. It was torn down and a new church was built. The first service in the new building was on July 15, 1951. Not long after the construction ended the church leaders realized that the facilities would soon be inadequate for the rapidly expanding community.

From 1968 through today

In 1968, our current church was built on Wall Street. A gymnasium and multi-purpose building, called the Christian Life Center, was built onto the church in 2000. The Christian Life Center is used in a variety of ways including worship, many sports and activities, as well as a setting for very large events.

Today, The United Methodist Church at Wentzville is building on this heritage of service as we live lives devoted to God through worship, love our neighbor as we love ourselves through ministry to each other and hands-on mission in the world, and grow in Christ through small groups and through telling others about Jesus.