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Did you know that we had a Prayer Walk every Monday night for the past 6 years? The Prayer Walk has been officially completed. All of the neighborhoods in Wentzville and the outlying neighborhoods have been successfully prayed over. Thank you to Chuck Howington and Pastors Mark and Chris Dumas for their faithfulness in covering all of Wentzville in prayer. 

Recently on the NextDoor App, there was some chatter about people praying in a neighborhood. The prayer walk was started as a “BIG IDEA” of church member, Chuck. He thought it would be wonderful to pray for all of his neighbors, so he gathered a small group to go into the neighborhoods of Wentzville and pray for those neighbors. In 6 years, the prayer team has prayed for thousands of neighbors and their families in Wentzville. The prayer team picks a neighborhood, starts at the first house in the neighborhood, each person takes a turn praying for a house in the block set by Chuck. (We have a map at the church showing what neighborhoods for which we have prayed. The prayer team stays on the sidewalk, prays for the house, then moves to next house. If you would like to be part of this ministry, contact the church office for more information or we meet at the flagpole out in front of the church at 6:50pm on Monday nights all year long.

Below are some of the comments that were made on the NextDoor App about what the prayer team is doing.

A social media posting from the Golf Club Of Wentzville Neighborhood Facebook Blog, which is linked to the Stone Meadows subdivision neighborhood social site. A comment was posted: “We live on Lehmuth Drive (Stone Meadows Subdivision-Wentzville) and I just saw 3 older people, 2 men and 1 woman, stop in front of each house on our block, bow their heads and appear to be praying, then they walk to the next house and do the same thing??? Anyone know what is going on and or who these people are?”

Response from a church member: “They are members of Wentzville United Methodist Church, who for the last 6 years on Monday evening, have been walking through Wentzville neighborhoods and praying for resident in each home. If you see them, they would love for you to come out and say a prayer with them.”

Another member from our church also replied saying it has been a mission of WUMC to pray for each home/family in our area, and we have prayed for thousand of homes during the last 6 years including the pandemic.

“I’m agnostic but it sounds like they are praying for each family. I think that’s so sweet”

“I would never complain about someone praying for me. It can only help”

 “This is beautiful”

 “How cool is that, what a blessing”

 “This is wonderful!!! Thanks to your church for doing this. I hope they came by my house I would certainly go out and pray with them!”

 “Wow this is beautiful. Thank you for your post, so we know they are doing this. I hope their neighborhood is on their list”

 ‘What a lovely service they are providing to our community. I hope I see them pray outside of my house”

 “Never heard of a “bad prayer”

 “I cannot love this thread enough!!! Bless all my neighbors!”

“God Bless them”

“Love it, I think it’s awesome!!”

“It warms my heart to know that there are good and loving people in this world no matter what belief you follow”

“Smart idea, God works through us. Think while these people were walking saw something bad happen like a wreck, abuse, car theft; maybe by just praying God is using them to spread his glory and stop crime. Maybe some people have never heard of Jesus. I’m fine with people walking around praying; so much better than sales walking around selling lawncare, pesticides, and roofs.”

“I would ask them! If they are praying to the God that I serve, Jesus and they seem normal, I would not mind if they came and prayed for my house and family. Someone should ask.”

Residents of Stone Meadows and other area neighborhoods on the NextDoor app

 The power of prayer.  Thank you Mark, Chris, and Chuck for your support, dedication, and faithfulness!

Volunteers are always welcome!