Wentzville United Methodist Church

Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,

It is with a glad heart that I write to you today. Last week we thanked our paid staff. Without them, worship and programming would be difficult and very different.

Today, I want to thank the volunteers, and leaders we depend on to make decisions and to run our various activities and vital ministries. Gary Grannemann is our Finance Secretary. He keeps track of our individual donations and reports the various categories to our Finance team. His work is very detailed and private. The quarterly and year-end statements are due to his good work in our Power Church database. Thank you Gary.

Another group of volunteers is the weekly offering counters. Nik, Steve, Jean, Elaine, Carol, Paula, Kathy, Brenda, and Dale. They arrive on their given week of the month to count and report to Gary the Sunday offering. They make the deposit to the bank and happily go their way until the next scheduled time. To our weekly counters, thank you.

Church Council members completing their service are: NIk Bradly, Louise Norton, Bev Mayes and Dan Engdahl. Nik has served as a trustee for many years. Louise, our Finance Chairperson, began just before Covid struck and we moved to a new database. Bev Mayes helped to select Council members on Nominations and Dan led the Church Council and kept order during our meetings. Gwen Pope served as the United Women of Faith Chairperson and adjunct member to the Council. Thank you for your good work, it is not easy to be a leader and to make difficult decisions for the congregation. You all offered your very best and were dedicated to your role for the good of the congregation.

There are several new members to our Council beginning January 2023. Karen Collins will be our Council Chairperson. A move from PPR to Chairperson but with experience from serving a number of years ago. Carol Kuchik will be our Finance Chair, Tom Mayes will serve on Trustee;s, Deb Witzman on PPR and Paula Baldrige on Nominations will complete the Council open positions. Thank you all for saying, “yes”

Please thank our Council leaders who are stepping down and support our new and current leaders who have said “yes” to their particular roles. God bless you all.

This week we are focusing on the Advent theme of Peace. Romans 15:4-13 is our scripture so take a look and allow God’s word to saturate your very being with peace.

I look forward to hearing the Rolling Tones in worship and Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m..

God bless us every one, Pastor Mark