Wentzville United Methodist Church

Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark 08/11/2022

Dear Friends,

I am so glad for sunshine and a break from the summer heat. Unfortunately there are folks in our county who are cleaning up after the July flood. There are about 80 homes devastated from water damage. We can help by organizing work teams to help muck out wet belongings and tear out damaged drywall. It’s difficult and hard work but the individual or family is grateful for the help. If you have a group of friends who can help let me know and we’ll get you started. 

We have one more week to shop for Back to School supplies. The Adopt a Family box has plenty of room so if you’re out and about pick up a package or two of wide ruled paper, packs of #2 pencils, spiral notebooks, 24 count crayons, black dry erase markers, and post it notes. It’ll make a difference for children and teachers going back to school this fall. 

We are looking for help to pass out flyers regarding our Hillfest Event August 27th. If you have a little time on Saturday or Sunday from 3-4 p.m., we’ll meet at the church and get started. We want to invite our neighbors in the area to come and enjoy great music and all the rest. It’ll be fun.  

This Sunday we’re reading John 1:35-39. It’s early in Jesus’ ministry but several of John the Baptist disciples followed Jesus because of John’s words. What was different and why did they make a change in leadership? We’ll talk more on Sunday.