Wentzville United Methodist Church

Weekly Greeting from Pastor Chris

Mark and Zach have found each other in Breckenridge! Mark hiked up the trail to find Zach as he was making his way off the trail; Zach said he hit his 100th mile when they met up!!! Thank you for your many prayers. God guide their feet as the journey continues.

Ministry continues at WUMC! So many opportunities for children this month – don’t forget the Princess Tea Party on Saturday and the Singin Summer Session for the next few Thursdays in July. Food distribution is happening on Monday morning, July 11th.

I am at work on the message for Sunday. The scripture is Luke 10: 25-37; the parable of the Good Samaritan. How many times have we heard this parable and found revelations in it? To plant a seed – what is one prayer that you would offer for the wounded and left behind in headlines that surround us? Bring it on Sunday!

Bless you all and find coolness where you can!