Wentzville United Methodist Church

Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 

It is so good to feel the warm sunshine in anticipation of Spring officially beginning Sunday, March 20th. It’ll be a while before we can plant our flowers and vegetables but after a cold, gray winter won’t it be nice to go outside without a coat and gloves? I look forward to this time of year and celebrate the new growth and mystery of nature. Thank God for a change of season and especially for Springtime. 

I thank our team of volunteers who help to distribute food from the St Louis Food Bank on Monday morning. We had 46 families which represented 151 people with 56 children under the age of 18. There is a need in our community to support those less able. The extra went to LINC and to individuals, First Step Back Home supports. Our Benedicite families received bags of apples and a bag of red potatoes. The youth do most of the heavy lifting but what a joy to know we can work together to meet the need. 

Our confirmation class is going strong, Colin, Lily, Tyler, Megan, Jenna, Kora, Madison, and Trinity have met twice and are doing great in learning about their faith in the United Methodist Church. We will confirm their faith, baptize several later in April or early May. Hold them in prayer and encourage them to learn as much as possible so that they may grow spiritually and become strong members of our congregation. It is exciting to meet with them and to learn together. 

This week we are reading Luke 13:1-9 and looking at our community, our choices, and how we have agreed with the powerful to oppress the less able and weak among us. Jesus calls us to “Repent, or will perish as they did.” (Luke 13:3, 5) Take a look at this passage and allow it to search your heart of where we have ignored the suffering of others or allowed the less able to be oppressed. It is a timely passage for the events of today. 

May your St. Patrick’s Day celebration be one of joy and good cheer. I’ll look for you on Sunday. Pastor Mark