Wentzville United Methodist Church

Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 

The winter snows are upon us and report from our friends in Texas and Florida mention cold breezes, so we all are enduring Mother Nature’s cold breath. Hang on; it will warm up and hopefully sooner than later. 

We have updated our technology at WUMC with three new laptops and made a change to Google Docs. The laptops were necessary, current software requires machines with a specific capacity and the use of Google allows more storage space in the “Cloud.” Hence, our information is more secure and available to the staff to share documents and work efficiently. Along with the move to Google, we have updated our email. Please make a note of the new email addresses listed below. I hope you can make the change with us. It is a process to adjust to. 

Our “Blessing Bags” have been a big hit with the nurses and hospital staff at SSM Lake St Louis. We have several weeks to go to reach our 300 blessing bag goal if you are shopping and see hand lotion or moisturizer in a 1-3 oz bottle for a reasonable price. Please pick up a dozen and drop them off in the basket located in the lobby. Single-serve cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers, cookies, and such are welcome as well. It has been a blessing for Pastor Chris to deliver at the hospital as the full-time chaplain. Thank you for your incredible generosity. 

Our Food Bank Distribution will be February 14th, the second Monday of each month. We work together with Benedicite HomeSchool High School youth to deliver food items. If you know of a struggling family, send them to 725 Wall St., Wentzville, between 10-12 noon. We’ll fill their trunk with whatever food items are sent to us. It’ll help the hungry in our community. 

This week we will be reading I Kings 17:1-6 and discussing Elijah’s prophetic message to King Ahab. We all have moments when we feel God speaking to us and our natural selves are a little frightened to speak up. This is one reason for the wilderness experience, to endure hardship, and to hear God’s voice clearly so that we are adequately prepared. I look forward to sharing this message with you. Hopefully, in person or over the internet. We will clear the parking lot of snow and shovel the walks. Hopefully, the temperature rises to a reasonable temperature. I know after days of being in the house, it feels good to get out and socialize again. 

See you on Sunday, Pastor Mark.