Wentzville United Methodist Church

Weekly Greeting from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,

Isn’t winter wonderful! (tongue in cheek) It’s a bit chilly outside and the flurries this morning make me want to fly south to join the other snow birds. Don’t worry, Spring is only 53 days away. It begins Sunday, March 20th. But there are no guarantee it won’t snow after March 20th. Let’s hold steady and wait for those Spring flowers and warmer days to come.  

We are including in this WeMail a message from our Church Council. Our meeting Saturday, January 15th was productive but because of COVID19 concerns we could not all be in the same space. We know some of us want to return to normal and go back into the sanctuary without masks. The current positivity rate at 34%, so it is too risky to let down our guard and return to what we’ve known. We will remain in the Christian Life Center and be socially distanced until the positivity rate is at or below 5%. We highly recommend face masks when coming into and exiting the facility. Let us pray this pandemic ends soon.

Our goal of $5,000 for Sleep in Heavenly Peace was met at Christmas. We have a build date of Saturday, February 5th. If you would like to help, call the office or see Bill Bruner who will sign you up and answer all your questions. No special skills are needed except for being willing to following directions. So far, we have 30 volunteers and looking for 5-10 more. As an added benefit, lunch will be provided. It’ll be great.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to fill gift bags for the SSM Hospital Staff at Lake St. Louis. We will continue until 300 bags have been filled and delivered. So far, we have completed 120 and what a difference it makes for the staff. They are elated to know someone is praying for them and offering a gift of appreciation. Please see the notice in this WeMail about that ministry.

This week we will look at Psalm 71 and consider how God is our strong fortress and deliverer. King David wrote this psalm as a prayer and it speaks to us as we push through this pandemic and protect ourselves from internet hackers, violence in the streets and all manner of chaos in the world. We have a God who loves us, cares for us and provides a means of protection. I am not afraid because of Gods protection.

See you on Sunday in person or via the internet. Pastor Mark