Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark


I am sorry to see the Cardinal’s season come to an end but what a game. Great pitching and terrific defense. It all came down to one swing of the bat and there’s your winner. Too bad it wasn’t our bat that brought in the winning run. We will grieve and lament but there is always next year. How many days till spring training and opening day?

Last Friday we celebrated the volunteers that serve the Mary Martha Thrift Store Ministry. Most but not all the volunteers attended as we honored Kay McQuate who will be stepping down as our representative to the board of Mary Martha and lead volunteer. Kay couldn’t remember when she started but it’s been a while. Lots of great memories and a few heartaches along the way. Kay will remain on the Monday crew but not for a few months, she and Roger will vacation in warmer climates. Thank you Kay for your leadership and service. We have three volunteers to take lead and represent WUMC on the Mary Martha Board: Gwen Pope, Bev Mayes, and Debbie Head. Our next opportunity to serve is October 11-16th. Please give Kay a call if you would like to volunteer for a few hours or several days. I’m sure she would welcome the help.

We have sent out third quarter giving statements via email and paper statements to those without email. If you have a correction or question please contact Gary Grannemann our Finance Secretary. He’ll be happy to research any discrepancy and make right whatever the error may be. Also, next week we will send out our 2022 Stewardship cards and letter. Sunday, November 7, 2021, is the day we will dedicate those commitments of financial support. You all have been very generous in supporting the mission and ministry of WUMC. Thank you. Let’s make 2022 an even better year of worship, learning, and service.

Calling all chili cookers and tasters. Next Wednesday, October 13th is our Chili Cook-off at 5:30 p.m. Proceeds benefit our Media Team so that repairs, replacements, and new stuff can be ordered and enjoyed.

We’ll have cornbread, saltine crackers, brownies, and ice cream to round out the meal. If you think your chili is one of the best in town, sign up by calling or emailing the office. We also need brownies so is your oven ready and waiting to back a batch. We’ll have seating in the café and CLC so that we’re spread out and socially distanced. Bring your appetite and taster to the WUMC Chili Cook-off, Wednesday, October 13.

This Sunday we will continue in the book of Hebrews 4:12-16. Please take a look and meditate on God’s Word. I pray there is a message that will inspire and refresh your spirit as you draw close to God’s presence.

We’ll see you on Sunday in person or online. Pastor Mark