Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,

The days are growing shorter and Autumn will begin on September 22nd, one of my favorite times of the year. The trees are changing colors, pumpkin pie, cakes, and cookies are baking in the oven. It’s fun to see the harvest coming in and work of finishing the garden and preparing it for winter. There are football games and the last of the baseball season to cheer for our favorite teams. Life is good.

My prayers go out to several of our church families whose loved ones have passed. Sharon McNeal’s mother Rosa Lea Perkinson and Dennis Hunt have died leaving that awful feeling of absence. The life we shared has come to an end leaving sadness and grief. Even our friends at Benedicite Home School suffered death by suicide by one of their students. Our prayers and love will help to soothe the pains of grief. On one bright note, Christine and Jeremy Snyder announce the birth of Nora Snyder on Tuesday, September 14th. Mother and child are well and returning home. Brothers Spencer and William are happy to welcome their little sister. God bless the Snyder family.

We have many friends and church members who have been isolating and staying safe from the COVID19 virus. I encourage everyone to pick up their cell or home phone and give them a call. Send a note in the mail or stop by and have a front porch visit. We are still in a time of caution regarding the Pandemic so reach out and love one another. It’s the neighborly thing to do, “love one another…” Jesus said.

This coming Sunday we will finish the sermon series on the Book of James. Take a look at James 3:13-4:3 and consider what you would define wisdom as and how it is displayed in our world today.

See you on Sunday, Pastor Mark