Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Welcome to September!

What a relief to enjoy cooler temperatures and a bit of nip in the air compared to August and summer heat. The dog days of summer aren’t over but it’s getting closer. I hope we all can enjoy a high school football game and walks in the park as the colors change with the onset of fall. Isn’t Missouri grand, we get all for seasons and sometimes too close together.

This week we continue learning what the brother of Jesus had to say in James 3:1-12. I’m happy to see our adult choir getting back into shape and next week the bell ensemble will begin practicing. It’ll be a welcome sound and hopefully, we can enjoy our usual spaces soon. A few details remain but we are getting closer.

I offer a prayer for those who are recovering from COVID and the effects of seasonal allergies. May you find strength and health, relief and clarity from congestion. God be with you. Also, we lift our voices for those who mourn the loss of life, dear ones of son, daughter, mother, and friends who pass from this life to the next. May their journey offer rest from their labors and comfort to those who grieve. God be with you.

We’ll look for you on Sunday, Pastor Mark