Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to see the school year end. Our children enjoy learning and it’s a good to be with your friends, especially after such a difficult year. For our graduating seniors, they are well on their way to college but a little down time for friends and family will prepare them for the rigors ahead. It is a big change for them and their families. God’s speed to you all.

Our Wesleyan heritage has three simple rules: Do no harm, Do good and Stay in love with God. With that in mind, last week we sent a survey to the congregation regarding vaccinations, wearing masks, social distancing and when to relax our current procedures. The outcome of our survey indicates we should continue social distancing until June 20th. Seating in the CLC will remain six feet apart. Of the 87 responses, 81 of you are vaccinated which is great! Hopefully more of us will be vaccinated in the weeks to come. Our youth and children have not been vaccinated like our senior members so we will continue wearing masks into and out of the building. Once you are seated, you may remove your mask.

I realize many establishments have relaxed their procedures. The St Charles County Health Department has not relaxed their recommendation about masking, social distance and hand washing. These simple procedures have greatly reduced the spread of COVID19 as well as colds and the flu. We do not want to spread any virus, so with the youth receiving their vaccinations in June, we will be better protected from any outbreak. Remember, we are guarding the health of children, youth and vulnerable adults. Don’t forget our Wesleyan standard: Do no harm – Do good – Stay in love with God. Three Simple Rules that help to make life better for us all.

If you have not heard, we are seeking to hire one custodian, 2-3 nursery workers and a Director of Children and Youth. Please refer anyone who may be interested.

God bless us every one. Pastor Mark