Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,  

Easter was a great day. We were able to see and worship with our friends and family members. What a blessing. The components of worship were tremendous and I thank everyone who took part in videos, music and liturgy. My thanks to our media folk and staff who put together meaningful messages of hope and inspiration. Thank you.  

I am happy to say we have helped one of our Grace Period families to move into their apartment. The Sharing Shed provided a few items the family was missing. Rashon and Leon have a place they can call home and be safe as they navigate their new beginning. Thank you for your support and benevolence.  

Our Adopt a Family ministry has collected items ten school nurses in the WSD requested. These will be delivered next week so if you can assist please contact Holly VanGundy or Lisa Morgenthaler. It is a great ministry that meets the needs of children in our community. 
The raised beds at the Community Garden in Memorial Park are beginning to warm up. We have a few beds that need TLC so that we can plant vegetables in a week or two. Growing vegetables is great therapy. Weeding, watering and harvesting is good for the soul, plus its out in the fresh air and sunshine. I hope you will consider participating this year. One of our helpers moved to Arizona. One or two days a week for as long as you like is all that is asked. What a joy it is to see fresh vegetables going to our residents at Green Gables and the Heights residents. Let me know if you’d  like to participate. 
Our passage for Sunday is John 20:19-31. Jesus appears and pays an important visit to his disciples. He imparts a gift that changes their lives. We’ll talk more on Sunday about this gift and how it is available to us as well. 
See you on Sunday, Pastor Mark