Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 
We have a letter coming to you along with 2020 giving statements and several return envelopes. I hope 2021 is better for all of us regarding health and community. Many of us are tired of staying home and being safe. A vaccine is promised but it will take time for the majority of us to be vaccinated. Our healthcare and essential workers are weary. We must continue safe practices and do our part. Life is precious and one careless moment can be devastating. Persevere!
We are beginning a new sermon series, “Kindom”. I am excited because we will follow a book titled, “Come Back” Returning to the Life You Were Made For, written by Rev. Roger Ross, our Missouri Conference Director of Congregational Excellence. He has great observations and meaningful lessons to help us walk back to health and wholeness in Christ. It is not only for followers of Christ but includes those outside the Church. I hope you will tell your friends and invite them to watch with you. 
After so many months of limited access to worship, we will soon open the church but the seven day positivity rate needs to fall below 20% in St. Charles County. When you tune into the worship service please let us know you are watching. A comment or just your name will allow us to record your participation.
We want to support everyone in the congregation so our Church Council members will be calling to ask for your mailing address, telephone numbers, email and birthdate. When we changed our database, we discovered gaps of information. Your information will help us to be accurate and effective in our communications. We are beginning with Active members and constituents then our Inactive categories. Some have moved or dropped their landline telephone, changed internet providers, graduated and moved on. Help us fill in the gaps. 
I love you all. You are in our prayers and I look forward to seeing you over the internet or in person. Pastor Mark