Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 
I want to thank Dr. Jason VanGundy and Mr. Jeff Davis for offering a message and their testimony during my absence. A few days away for a short vacation has renewed my relationship with my sister Cynthia Fox in Dayton Ohio and my children Zach and Sarah along with their spouses. I even volunteered several days at the Habitat for Humanity Restore to get a change of pace while assisting with incoming donations and restocking shelves. It was good to visit and enjoy a change of pace. 
This week, we are looking at the story of Abraham and Isaac on Mt. Moriah from Genesis 22:1-14. God spoke to Abraham to take Isaac and come to worship. Times were slightly different and worship meant something other than what we think worship is. Abraham demonstrated devotion, trust, and selflessness. I encourage you to take a look at the passage and to consider your act of worship and what it represents. We’ll talk more on Sunday. 
The sanctuary is open for public worship. We are staying safe with face coverings and maintaining a social distance of six feet in the hallways, seating, and parking lot. Please feel free to come but let us know you are on your way by calling the office or clicking on the tab below. We want to worship with you but not to exceed our spacing. When the need is present, we will move into the CLC for additional space for those willing to participate in worship. 
I look forward to seeing you and worshiping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pastor Mark