Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends, 
We are celebrating Pentecost this weekend. The Holy Spirit came down and filled the disciples in a secluded room with the fire of God that purifies the soul, sending them out into the world to proclaim the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you with the fire of God, not to destroy but to inspire, not to consume but to create, we have been filled with God’s Spirit to do God’s will. Sometimes that Spirit drives us out of the shadows into the light so that those who have not heard will hear and those who have never felt God’s love will be transformed. Remember, it is God working through us, not our will but his, not our energy but God’s. 
I trust you will join the millions upon millions of believers in saving, “Come Holy Spirit”. I’ll look for you on Sunday via the internet.

Pastor Mark
P.S. We have sent letters to the congregation describing the inching forward of public worship. It is for those who are ready to venture out, who feel well, and take precautions. As you are ready, there is a safe place for you to come. Let us know by calling or emailing the church so that we do not violate our space or precautions.