Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,
Today is a rainy Thursday which doesn’t help “Staying at Home” and avoiding crowds because I’d prefer to see and do something to lift my mood because my hair is bugging me and my beard needs a trim. If I didn’t take a walk around the block or church every so often who knows what shape I’d be in. With that in mind, can we put ourselves in the shoes of the disciples who were feeling uncertain after the crucifixion of Jesus and his burial just days ago. Some of the disciples had seen the resurrected form of Jesus while others were trying to make sense of it all. Like most people in troubled times, there was speculation, questionable reports, fear of authorities and the actions of government agencies. We have seen it over and over so what made this event in history different? 
That’s the question we will discuss this week in worship after reading the Luke 24:13-35. It’s the story of Jesus meeting up two men on their way to Emmaus. It is a revealing story of more than just Jesus being seen and heard after his resurrection. It reveals our human nature and what we look for in everyday life and consider normal We live in a time that is anything but normal so how does God show up and reveal Himself in our everyday life? Who do we tell when it happens to us? 
See you on Sunday, Pastor Mark