Wentzville United Methodist Church

We-Mail from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends:

I am happy to say we have an online and cell phone app for those who want to make an offering via a credit or debit card. It is called Tithe.ly   You can access Tithe.ly through our Web site, www.livelovegrow.org. From the home page menu click on “Our Church” and then click on “Giving.” Check it out; it’s live and ready to go. We wanted to offer a way for those who do not carry cash or checks to contribute to the church in a way consistent with their life style. We hope this is a bonus for those who enjoy paying online.

Carl Garrett is in need of a wheelchair. We only need one, so if you have a chair available call the church office first to see if the need has been filled. Thanks!

This Sunday we are looking at Mark 6:7-13 when Jesus sent his disciples out to do the work of the kingdom. Preaching, teaching and healing was their mission. What is ours and how has God prepared us?

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Mark